How To Make A To Do List That Works Really Well For You

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How To Create A To Do List

8 Expert-Backed Secrets to Making the Perfect To-Do List

As many professionals know, however, to-do lists are only good if the person creating them is committed to completing the tasks. How can you create and manage a to-do list that works for you? We searched the web for some awesome resources.

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How to Make a To-Do List to Power up Your Productivity | Process Street

Does your to-do list get in the way of your productivity? Here’s how to make a to-do list that you can actually complete.

In the last chapter, I showed you how to get tasks out of your head and into your notebook…More at

Five Best To-Do List Tips

Every entrepreneur is a self-starter; it tends to come with the territory. Being an entrepreneur also means that you don’t necessarily have a daily playbook to follow.

One tool many entrepreneurs use to get organized and improve focus is to create a To Do list.

This can be a very helpful tool. Unfortunately, in my opinion, about 85% of the population is using the To Do list in a completely ineffective manner…More at

How to Create To-Do Lists That Truly Maximize Your Productivity |

In the book, he quotes psychologist Timothy Pychyl, who explains that putting easy-to-achieve items at the top of your to-do list means you’re using that list for “mood repair,” and not to become productive.

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