Here’s The Best Way To Learn Copywriting

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A Collection of Resources About Getting Started As A Copywriter

This post contains a collection of resources that can get you started as a copywriter, but first, a few brief tips to keep in mind.

Copywriting is when you find the benefits of a product or service and you write about those benefits while stirring the emotions of the reader. Talented copywriters are in high demand and charge a pretty penny for their services.

You may not be able to afford a sales letter costing five to ten thousand dollars or more, but you can write copy that can get results by studying techniques that work.

One of the benefits of writing your own copy is you know your products and services better than other people. You can focus on the benefits better than others that are not in the field. For example, you may hire a copywriter and they may exaggerate your product and service in order to make the sales letter perform. You can avoid this because you know how well your product performs and you highlight all the benefits without promising the moon.

Good copywriters have knowledge of emotional triggers and human behavior and they use those triggers to persuade the reader to take action, whether that action leads to a sales funnel, or making a purchase now.

One key to successful copywriting is understanding your audience. If you know the people you will be writing to, you will have more success than writing a sales letter to people you know nothing about.

Another key is, targeting your audience. If your audience is too broad you won’t be able to focus on key issues that appeal to and are important to your audience in your sales letter.

For example, if your selling high-performance gaming computers you would want to target gamers, not everyone that uses a computer. You want the gaming enthusiast because you will be able to be specific to their needs and desires.

There is a lot of information and techniques you’ll need to know to get started as a copywriter. Have a look at the unique collection of resources I have selected for this post that can help you get started as a copywriter.

The Sections In This Post Include:

How To Learn Copywriting

The section includes the resources you need to help you learn and understand copywriting. This collection of resources can get you started and lead to more advanced techniques once you have some experience. Have a look to see the resources available to you.

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Copywriting Examples

In the resources below you can go through examples that can help you with your copywriting. Many people learn by example. I know I do. When I see examples I can grasp the concept easier than learning without examples. Have a look at the examples provided to gain a larger perspective for your writing.

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Copywriting Courses

There are courses you can take that will start you off slow and take you through more advanced techniques. Depending on your needs you may want to take a full a-z course to get you to the level you want or you may want to take a course to give you a quick start.

Have a look at the course included in this post that can get you to the level you’re looking for.

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Famous Copywriters

This section contains hand-picked resources focused on famous, popular, and successful copyrighters.

When you study those that are successful, you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to get to their level, as well as tips and insights they may provide to help others become successful.

Have a look at the resources below that offer insight into those people that are already successful at copywriting.

Ad Copy Examples: 112 Greatest Ads Written by 15 Hall of Fame Copywriters

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Books Related to Copywriting

Books offer structure and cover a lot of information related to the topic they cover. By looking through the table of contents you can gain a lot of insight as to the areas you’ll want to pay attention to.

Have a look at the links below to view the books available related to Copywriting

Books From Amazon Related To Copywriting

Google Book Search Related To Copywriting

The Latest About Copywriting

In this section, you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest related to this industry, including the latest news, Google searches, videos, what people are tweeting, and more.

I recommend spending some time on the news, tweets, and any available videos that can offer you the latest on what’s happening.

Google Searches

Latest Searches Related To Copywriting

Latest Scholar Searches Related To Copywriting

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Latest News Related To Copywriting


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