How to Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey That Works

July 10, 2018 626 views

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Customer satisfaction surveys can offer a lot of information that you can use to improve your products, services, and processes. A survey is worth its weight in gold if you execute the process correctly.

Here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of the surveys you give your customers.

Get Customers To Take It

What’s the use of having a survey if none of your customers are willing to take it. Offer a reward. I would suggest a discount or a prize of some sort, rather than a raffle for a draw. With a raffle, the customer is not guaranteed anything, only a chance to win something.

Take Time To Create Your Questions

Focus on what you want to know instead of having the person answer questions that are not important to you. With fewer questions, your customer will be focused on the questions that you’ll benefit from the most.

Also, with a short survey, your customers are more willing to take the survey. Imagine asking your customers to take a survey of 100 questions compared to asking them to take a survey of six.

Think About The Questions

You want to benefit from the answers. Asking a multiple choice question like we’re you satisfied with our service today doesn’t help you. Most will say yes, especially if you’re offering a prize or discount because they don’t want to offend you.

You would benefit by asking something like the example below:

How Can We Improve Our Computer Repair Service? Circle all that apply.

A.) Offer in House Repairs.

B.) Offer a Trade-In Rather Than Repair Option.

C.) Offer Same-Day Service, or It’s Free.

D.) Offer Nontechnical Explanations of the Repairs.

E.) Offer Monthly Maintenance Plans.

F.) All the Above.

Use The Data

For the survey process to be successful, you need to analyze the results and use that information to make improvements. If you’re not going to use the data or take action on the data, then it’s no use spending the time effort, and money on creating a survey.


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