Marketing Opportunities While Customers Make Returns

Advertising in Unsuspected Places Can Make Sales

Many times there is a line up to make a return or exchange a product. Why not seize the opportunity to advertise to customers while they wait?

Can you remember the last time you were standing in line to return something? I am standing in line right now doing just that.

I told my wife that I’d be a minute, and when I’m finished, I’ll have a look around and meet up with her in the next store.

Since I’m writing this article as I’m waiting in line, you can imagine how long the line is and how impatient people standing in it are getting. If it wasn’t for writing this article now, I’d be impatient, looking at a long line next to a large white blank wall. Is this a lost marketing opportunity?

Why not have something people can read while they are waiting? It makes the wait less annoying. People are making returns, so why have them return and simply walk out? Wouldn’t it make more sense to give people standing in line, doing nothing, the opportunity to think about making a purchase?

Here are your customers, they’re standing in line with nothing to do! Think about this opportunity. What could you do to create a win-win situation?

Here are some ideas to make your customers wait a bit more pleasant while you grasp a lost marketing opportunity.

  • You could play a video for a product your promoting.
  • You could have signs on the post that acts as a barrier for lineups.
  • You can have a big screen TV to display any message you want.
  • You could display your flyers on the wall.
  • Display programs beneficial to your customers, like a reward program or store credit card, and financing.
  • Display what’s coming to the store.
  • How about showing what’s going to be on sale soon?

The ideas are limitless, and the purpose is to display your best offers in front of your customers. How you display them is up to you, but make sure it’s visible to the customers standing in line.

We spend thousands of dollars trying to reach our customers, trying to get their attention, and trying to make a sale, and here are your customers, waiting to be served in your own store, thinking about your products. There is no better time to grab their attention and make their experience more memorable.

That’s The Way I See It!
Acey Gaspard