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Top Failed Marketing Campaigns

The 7 Most Embarrassing Branding Mistakes of 2018 |

Many brands did not get the response they were expecting from their promotional campaigns this year.

Nearly any idea can sound great in the conference room. But when the idea takes form in the outside world, it can go wrong. In some cases, terribly wrong.

Whether fault lies in the concept or the execution, a bad marketing or branding campaign can result in an absolute mess. Here are seven of the worst ones rolled out in 2018…More at

The 4 Worst Marketing Campaigns of 2018

“It seemed like such a great idea when it was first floated. How did it get to this? How did we not foresee that our campaign to celebrate President Trump’s UK visit could’ve proved such a disaster?”

Of course, no brand would be stupid enough to get behind Trump’s arrival in the UK later this month.

Although, if it were to go ahead, that campaign still probably wouldn’t rank among the biggest marketing fails we’ve seen so far this year…More at

8 Unbelievably Bad Marketing Fails You Have to See to Believe

We’ve compiled some of the worst marketing fails in recent memory, with tidbits on what went wrong (and why), so that you don’t make the same in your marketing campaigns.

These lessons are valuable for all marketers — regardless of industry — in the quest to level up…More at

10 Worst Marketing Fails Of All Time

I would somewhat disagree with the Coke issue. I think it was a bloody marvelous marketing technique.Z

Sure, there were surveys that showed that people liked the sweeter taste of Pepsi, and perhaps Coke should have changed the formula, as they did.

But in doing so, in announcing ahead of time that New Coke was coming out, how much air time was generated?…More at

Read With Caution: 15 Of The Absolute WORST Marketing Campaigns From 2014

Do you ever see a marketing campaign and your first thought is “what in the world were they thinking?”

Yes, we’ve all been there. Sometimes these things go viral, and sometimes they just go unnoticed because they were plain crappy.

Businesses are trying to navigate a very noisy world, and getting their marketing messages heard has become increasingly difficult.

But there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and while most businesses navigate this line effectively, there are certain ones that seem to ignore it completely…More at

7 Biggest Campaign Fails of 2017 | CMO Strategy – Ad Age

We know what you’re thinking after reading the headline — Pepsi and Kendall Jenner. And you’re right. That might have been the biggest campaign …More at

13 Of The Worst Marketing Campaigns That Royally Screwed Companies

A global marketing campaign can make or break a company. Consumers recognize Nike by their innovative “Just Do It” commercials.

When people think Budweiser, they’re immediately drawn to majestic Clydesdale horses.

A good ad campaign will make us laugh, cry, and see things from a new perspective.

Promotions that backfired are on the other end of the spectrum, and they tend to elicit a sense of utter dread and bewilderment…More at

25 of the worst marketing fails in recent years (British and international)

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In the UK, we have something called the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which is an organisation that’s in charge of regulating the British advertising industry.

Mostly known for taking the calls of offended parents (at the moment they’re investigating some naughty elves), they ensure the sector remains appropriate and fair…More at