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When Corporate Innovation Goes Bad — The 141 Biggest Product Failures Of All Time

Below are what we consider to be 132 of the biggest product flops of all time.

We combed through thousands of media articles to select these product flops across major industries including tech software and hardware, consumer packaged goods, fast food, and electronics.

Get exclusive access to six of our top innovation reports, including The State of Innovation, 75 Corporate Innovation Labs…More at

The 25 biggest product flops in history – Business Insider

Here’s a look at 25 of those flops, and what we can learn from them.

Bill Gates cites the Edsel flop as his favorite case study.

Even the name “Edsel” is synonymous with “marketing failure.” Ford invested $400 million into the car, which it introduced in 1957.

But Americans literally weren’t buying it, because they wanted “smaller, more economic vehicles,” according to Associated Content…More at

74 Failed Products That Made These Companies Regret Creating Them | Bored Panda

It’s not an easy task to introduce a brand new product to the market.

Sometimes consumers aren’t ready for the product, sometimes they fail to make a use of it.

And if that happens even an enormous marketing budget can’t make people buy it…More at

15 Worst Product Failures and Flops From the Past 5 Years

In late 2017, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had one of the most dangerous debuts ever.

After its release, consumers reported that the smartphone’s batteries were spontaneously catching fire. This led to massive recalls, and millions, if not billions, in lost revenue.

Fortunately, Samsung redeemed itself with future models. Fin24 Tech reported, “It is safe to assume the Note 7 won’t affect sales of the S8 – a truly well-crafted device.”…More at

12 worst American product flops – MarketWatch

To identify some of the worst product flops of all time, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed products introduced after 1950 by America’s largest companies.

To make the list, the company needed to make the Fortune 500 the year the product was released. These are 12 of the worst product flops in American business…More at

6 of the Worst Product Launch Failures (And What You Need to Learn From Them) – Shane Barker

One of the biggest product failures in recent years was that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Reports of explosions, batteries overheating, and burns were common for the phone.

It launched on August 19, 2016, and by early September, Samsung stopped selling it.

The brand issued a voluntary recall of the devices, during which they recalled 2.5 million units, according to Time magazine…More at

50 Worst Product Flops of All Time – 24/7 Wall St.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed some of the greatest product launch blunders throughout history. Today, these product flops exist as case studies companies use to avoid future failure.

They range from Ford’s Edsel in 1958 to last year’s Galaxy Note 7.

Many of these products led to losses in the hundreds of millions, and sometimes billions…More at

Top 10 Failed Products

Then, once every so often, a product comes along that is far from mediocre – it’s such an enormous, mind-blowing failure that everyone who sees it can only gasp.

And that’s what we’re celebrating today- products so poorly-conceived, so hopeful in their launch and so disastrous in their fall that they qualify as one of our Top 10 Failed Products…More at

The 20 Worst Product Failures – SalesHQ

Products come and go all the time. But some new products fail for hilarious reasons.

You may not be old enough to remember the Ford Edsel, but you’ve probably heard about it. Does your child have a doll?

Odds are its not the Baby Wee-Wee. Listening to an MP3 player now? Is it a Zune? Probably not.

Over the years, these failures and the reasons for thems have become the stuff of myth. We take a look at why these products flopped and try to separate fact from fiction…More at

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