False Claims in Your Sales Letter Will Haunt You Here’s Why

June 9, 2018 447 views

An Exaggerated Sales Letter Will Haunt You

Your sales letter is an important marketing tool. A reliable system can make you rich, while a bad one can hurt you – especially sales letters that contain exaggerated claims. Exaggeration can even put you out of business.

What Do You Think About The Following Claim?

“Follow my simple step-by-step instructions, and you’re guaranteed to earn $9,750 in the next 30 days, or I’ll double your money back. Yes, you heard correctly $9,750 in 30 days or DOUBLE your money back!”

Does the above claim sound interesting? Does it compel you to look deeper into the product? Maybe . . . or perhaps you don’t believe it. Either way, if the claim is exaggerated, it will come back to haunt the owner of the letter.

Back up What You Claim

If you can live up to your claim, then make it one to remember! If not, don’t make a regular product or service seem like it’s the best and only solution.

You should build excitement, but stretching the truth will likely end up haunting you. You may have seen many sales letters promising millions of dollars, a better life, the solution to all your problems, or whatever the case may be. People act on these sales letters because they are looking for solutions to problems.

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