How to Get to Know Your Customers Better

November 13, 2018 934 views

A Collection of Articles About Getting To Know Your Customers

You’ll find a selection of hand-picked articles, provided by a variety of authors to give you a solid foundation for understanding your customers, but first, a few brief points to consider.

If you don’t know your customers you don’t know what they want, how they think, and how to sell them products and services.

The golden rule of marketing is, “understanding the people you’re selling to,” it’s important and it’s the first step to any successful marketing campaign.

For example, can you sell a laptop to a computer programmer without understanding the lifestyle, trends, and way a programmer thinks?  They may purchase the product because they want it, but if you know your customers and adapt your marketing towards them, you’ll sell a lot more laptops and you’ll get a lot more referrals from programmers because you understand them.

Have a look at the resources I have selected for this post that will give you tips and insights to help you understand your customers, so you’ll be able to sell them products and services effectively.



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