Simple Marketing From Inside Your Business – Don’t Miss Out

June 7, 2018 375 views

Internal Marketing Ideas To Consider

Most business people focus on advertising with external sources, overlooking the less expensive and more effective opportunities inside their business.

One advantage of using this idea is that once you have your promotions in place, they don’t require a lot of money to keep working.

The second advantage is that your message is already reaching interested prospects and current customers – that’s half the battle.

One compelling way to promote your business from within is to educate your customers. It gets them thinking and interacting with you, and they become comfortable doing business with you.

More importantly, when they have information about your product/service, they feel they are in control of the buying process.

An Example of Promoting From Within:

Just the other day, I was getting an oil change at one of those quick-change specialty shops. While I was in the waiting room, I noticed many car magazines on the table and race car photos on the wall. I then noticed how they used handwriting on a white bulletin board to promote their specials.

I thought to myself, “This is a nationwide franchise, I think they can do better than that!” Why don’t they use a video system and create short video clips explaining the importance of maintaining your vehicle? The clips could show the importance of changing your engine oil, transmission fluid, and engine coolant, etc. Most drivers don’t know the significance of all this stuff.

Promoting Your Advertising Message

Let me ask you this:

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