Using Passion to Find Products and Services to Sell

June 9, 2018 530 views

Looking for the Right Products and Services to Sell? Use Your Passion to Guide You!

Finding a product to market takes effort and several defined steps. You could go after the wrong product and end up with a failing business. I’ll discuss my views on this subject, and if you take the advice, you’ll be headed in the right direction and find something fulfilling to put your time and effort into.

Doing what you love will dramatically increase your chances of success. Don’t waste your time and effort on something that’s not for you.

Alex’s Story

Alex loves computers; he can talk about them all day. He keeps up with the latest trends and technologies. Alex has a successful career in selling computers. He can sell them with little effort nonstop because of his passion for computers. Alex is blessed because he’s doing something he loves.

Do You Have a Passion Like Alex?

Many of us may be unaware that we can do much better by marketing something that we are passionate about. Don’t look for the hottest products or latest trends to market just because of the money. If you want long-lasting success, you have to market something you enjoy, which captures your interest.

Marketing Something You’re Passionate About

Here are a few behaviors when marketing something you have a passion for:

  • You’ll find new ideas quickly.
  • If you face a setback, you’ll always find a way around it.
  • You’ll be creative.
  • You’re focused, and you won’t jump at every unrelated opportunity that shows up.
  • You’ll be happy while you’re working.
  • You’ll be working at your peak performance.

When you’re marketing something you’re NOT passionate about, you’ll think of giving up when faced with any glitch instead of looking for a solution. You’ll be jumping from opportunity to opportunity, cutting your resources short.

If you’re successful, you’ll feel a void because this is not your true purpose. If you work long hours, you’ll ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” You’ll feel overwhelmed when you need to give it all you’ve got. Your efforts and creativity are limited.

Here Are Some Simple Steps to Help Identify Your True Interests

Step 1: Consider the following questions:

What are you good at?

What are you interested in?

What are you passionate about?

What do people ask you about a lot?

Step 2:

Write down ONE answer to the above questions, the one that stands out most to you.

Step 3:

Is there a product or service that you THINK the marketplace wants? Write down your answer.

Step 4:

Go to Step 1: and repeat the steps until you have eliminated all interests.

Step 5:

Go over the list and do a little research on what products and services are available on the market. You can do this by typing in a few keywords in your favorite search engine. For example, Your interest is art. You could type in any of the following: art business opportunity; art affiliate program; art products; art business; starting your own art business

Step 6:

You now have a better idea of what you want to aim for and what the marketplace wants. Follow your feelings and choose the area that interests you the most.

You’re Now On Track

There is still work, but you are now on the right track. You can put your time and effort into something that you’re interested in.

Now you can develop or find products and services for the marketplace, and build a business around that idea.

You have just dramatically increased your chances of success because you have a solid foundation and are headed in the right direction. Your passion will guide you and push you through any hard times you may face.

That’s the way I see it.
Acey Gaspard