Social Media vs Email Marketing Which Is Better?

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Social Media Vs Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Who’s the Winner?

Social media has become a major fixture in the online marketing landscape.

It’s easy to see why – Facebook, Twitter, and similar platforms make it easier than ever to share updates and promotions with a virtual crowd.

Social media helps you grow your brand publicly, and it’s gratifying to see people like and share your posts in real time…More at

Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Which Should You Use?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the details of email marketing and social media marketing and answer the question, “Which one is better?”

You’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing and email marketing.

You’ll also discover tips for focusing on elements such as audience size, audience targeting, and privacy regulations…More at

Marketing Showdown: Social Media vs. Email Marketing in 2018

It’s tempting to rely heavily on social media for all of your creative marketing in 2018 since its direct, simple, and everyone else seems to be doing it.

Not so fast.

Don’t throw all your eggs into one basket!

If your socials aren’t moving the needle like you’d like them to, maybe it’s time to start brainstorming additional ways to reach your target audience. Cue email marketing! …More at

Email vs. Social Media Marketing: Which is Better? (Infographic) – Adweek

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As the ad market diversifies, marketers are trying to discern which channels are best for their campaigns.

As a result we see reductions and increases in spending across different channels.

In 2015 60.7 percent of marketers said they were increasing their email marketing budgets, while 4.3 percent had plans to decrease spending…More at