How To Write a Press Release

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Writing and Managing a Press Release

Going through this post, you can expect a collection of articles related to writing a press release. I have also put together a collection of resources you can use, including software, examples, tips for distribution, and much more. Before you get to the resources, let’s go over some important points.

What is a Press Release?

Press releases have been around for a long time. They are mostly used by reporters and journalists to pick up on stories they can look into, possibly leading to an interview and a more in-depth story.

In the days before the internet, a press release was one of the top methods for people to get their stories sent to news outlets.

What Is the Goal of a Press Release

The purpose of a press release is to alert a news outlet or reporter of your announcement. If a journalist finds the information interesting, it may lead to an interview and a story that can reach their audience resulting in media coverage.

What Makes A Press Release Work?

News Worthiness:

Your press release must be newsworthy to gain any real traction. Sure, someone may post your press release on the outlet’s website, but the real beauty is a reporter talking about your story.

News outlets are the audience you’re targeting. The outlets provide news for their audience, which may be the masses or a specific niche. You need to focus on the news outlets so they will feature your story.

If your story is an advertisement, then it adds no value to its audience. You can count on a reporter ignoring your press release when they see it as an ad.

Press Release Format:

The format of your press release must be in the format reporters are familiar with. You can’t send a multi-page release out. It must be one page. Keep in mind the purpose is to get an interview and media coverage. The objective is not to tell the complete story. There’s more on how to format your press release coming up.

When To Send a Press Release?

Sending out a press release can benefit your business when

you’re looking to do any of the following:

A New Product or Service Launch:

If you are offering a new product or service that’s newsworthy, a press release is one way to bring awareness.

Product Relaunch:

Often, companies bring back a product that was available for a limited time or discontinued. Another example is if a product has been redesigned. Those are good reasons for sending out a press release.

A Structural Change in Your Organization:

News about organizational changes is an opportunity to send out a release. For example, you fired your CEO, and someone new is stepping in to fill the position.

A Change In Operations:

The addition or closing of any departments or locations, discontinuing a product, or complete a product line is also something you may want to consider sending out a release about.

A New Joint Venture:

Partnerships and joint ventures are opportunities to send out a release.

The Addition of a New Executive:

At times you see news stories of high-profile executives taking on a new position at a new company. When you’re business hires a new high-level executive, you can send out the news for awareness.


Suppose your business or executives win a prestigious award. In that case, a press release is a good way to spread the word and bring awareness to your business. This is a good news story. A reporter would be interested because of the story behind the award, and stories keep people interested in the news.

To Manage a Crises:

At times companies have sold defective products, which affects their customers and sometimes the general public.

In this case, it’s good practice to take responsibility immediately and bring awareness, especially when the health and safety of the public are involved.


You will find more reasons and examples for sending out a press release in the resource sections further down the post.

Press Release Styles:

Reporters are custom to The Associated Press Stylebook. This site offers an AP cheat sheet that can save you time. The official edition can be found at

How To Write A Press Release

As mentioned earlier, you want to first review your message. Ask yourself a few questions like the following:

Is my announcement newsworthy?

Is my message something a reporter would want to interview me about?

Is this something I can imagine on the 6 o’clock news or in print?

Before taking any other steps, your press release must be newsworthy, or you are wasting your time.

Next, you can download a template from the resource sections or use a setup like the following:


[Company Name]

[Media Contact Name]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]





Take some time to work on your headline. It has to gain the interest of the reporter. It has to be accurate, and a well-crafted one gets a reporter to read the rest of the release.

[ Optional Subhead – Title Case AP Style/ Italics]

Dateline: [CITY, STATE, Month Date]

4-5 paragraphs – This is where you offer details and invoke interest. Your content section can include a quote from a professional.

Remove any fluff from your content, get to the point, and include relevant information in a summarized fashion.

Reporters are very busy and skim through hundreds of press releases every day. They don’t have time to go through a lot of content.

Remember, the goal is to get media coverage. For decent coverage, you need a reporter to contact you and write the story.

[Call to Action] – Your call to action is to get a reporter to call you to set up an interview.

[Boiloer Plate] This section is to give a brief overview of your company.

Using the ### Symbols

Reporters are familiar with seeing the three-pound symbol, ###, at the end of a press release. It’s a journalistic code that means the end of the information on this document. When a journalist sees this in a press release, they know you are using their format.

The above was a quick look at writing a press release. Below I have included a collection of articles that go into the details you need to achieve your goal and get the media coverage you’re looking for.

You have the opportunity to get insights from various authors that deal with PR. Keep in mind a successful campaign will have you speaking with reporters, so make sure your release is something you can stand behind. Have a look below and create a press release that conveys the right message.

How To Write a Press Release, with Examples

How to Write a Press Release (Best Format & Examples)

 Resource Section:

You’ll find a selection of hand-picked articles and resources provided by various authors that will give you a solid foundation for PR.

Going over the samples from the sections below offers a look and feel of what’s already out there.

You’ll also find sections offering services if you feel you would rather use a professional to write and distribute your press release.


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