Does Yellow Pages Advertising Still Work?

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Is Internet Yellow Page Advertising Worth It? | Which Online YP Site Works Best? | Case Study by Blue Corona

Is yellow page advertising worth it? This is the question many service business owners are dying to know – and we have the answer! Read this case study featuring REAL advertiser data..More at

11 Reasons Why Your Business Should NOT Advertise with Yellow Pages

Have you ever wondered if the Yellow Pages are still effective for your business? In this article we cover why NOT Advertise with Yellow Pages is…

One of the most interesting facets of blogging comes with keyword research of one’s own website. For example, I was going over the different phrases searchers had used during these past 3 weeks to find The Sales Lion and found quite an interesting pattern…More at

Should Small Businesses Still Book Yellow Page Ads?

One of the most agonizing marketing decisions a small retail business must make is whether to include printed Yellow Page ads in their plan and budget. This is a big decision because:

Set it and forget it no longer as valuable

In the past, the Yellow Pages were the only reliable resource for retail businesses seeking a local audience. After word-of-mouth, consumers relied heavily on the Yellow Pages for services in a wide range of industries…More at

Is Yellow Pages Online Worth It? – Marwick Marketing

We get asked this time and time again “Is Yellow Pages Online Worth It?”

Companies that have traditionally advertised in the phonebook and being asked to use the Yellow Pages 360 platform to continue using their ad spend with Yellow Pages.

As more and more companies pull budget from print company, owners are looking at other options to get a better return on their marketing investment…More at

Do People Still Use the Yellow Pages? The Answer May Surprise You |

Yellow Pages has successfully transitioned from a telephone directory service to a major online player. What about you?

Way, way back in the olden days, people wrote on typewriters, watched just five TV channels, and put sugar in their coffee…More at

Should I Advertise In… The Yellow Pages | Post Modern Marketing

The Yellow Pages once held a dominant place in local marketing. We review what’s changed, and if there still can be value found in the book.

This post is the first in a line of (hopefully) many where we here at Creative California get down and dirty to answer the questions that all businesses are asking: where can I best spend my marketing budget?…More at