Is That Yelp Review Bugging You? Here’s How to Remove It

January 16, 2020 640 views

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When you have a great experience at a restaurant, you tell your friends and discuss your experience. You may even encourage them to try your new-found place to go. You may feel you must promote this place — a great, big thank-you. On the other hand, if you have had a bad experience, you feel people should know, and you don’t want others to waste their time and money.

From a few friends to the potential to inform thousands: that’s where Yelp comes in to play. Yelp has millions of unique visitors every month. With this kind of exposure, Yelp has become a powerful tool where people can get and leave reviews. It’s a great way to decide on a new restaurant, as well as a way to contribute to the review process.

As a business owner, a bad Yelp review can hurt your business. In this article, you’ll find tips, insights, and resources that can help you remove a bad review from Yelp. Maybe getting a bad review will turn out to be an eye-opener for you and make you act to improve your business. Maybe you’re a victim of a fake review. Either way, this post contains the resources that will help you deal with a bad review on Yelp.


How to Remove a Bad Yelp Review

You receive praise and glory on Yelp; you have ten reviews to be proud of — oh wait, here comes another. Let’s see; it’s a one-star review. Suddenly, all the praise has lost focus and all you can think of is the one bad review.

In this section, you’ll find the resources that can help remove or deal with that bad review that’s taking a toll on your reputation.

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Review Notifications

It’s important to get notifications whenever someone leaves a review for your business. Imagine a flow of people discussing your business’s products and services and not even being aware of any of these discussions.

Whether the reviews are good or bad, you need to know whenever there is a discussion. It can be as easy as setting up a Google alert for your business name and website.

In this section, you’ll find tips and insights to help you find reviews and discussions about your business.

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How Does Yelp Deal with Fake Reviews?

Along with the success of Yelp comes the responsibility of dealing with fake reviews. It’s in the company’s best interest to ensure their reviews are natural and honest.

If they don’t deal with this issue, they could easily find themselves out of business. They have to be good at the process of identifying and dealing with fake reviews because they need to keep users happy and the businesses happy. The best way to do this is to ensure the reviews are authentic.

In this section, you’ll find a variety of resources that identify how Yelp deals with abuse and fake reviews.

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Fake Reviews Crisis

Reviews are a great way to help people make decisions about purchasing products and services. Amazon was one of the pioneers that made user reviews a powerful process that would benefit providers and consumers.

It’s a great system — it makes companies pay attention to their products and business practices and helps consumers make informed decisions. With every great idea, the chance of abuse is part of the deal, and fake reviews are part of that abuse.

Fake reviews are a growing problem, and it’s a problem you can compare to fake news. In this section, you’ll find a collection of resources that focus on fake reviews.

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