Can’t Stop From Buying Stuff? Here’s How To Control Impulse Buying

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Causes of Impulse Buying

Five Reasons We Impulse Buy | Psychology Today

The gadgets in your kitchen cupboards, the exercise equipment in your garage, the unworn clothes in your wardrobe:

I’m guessing that, if pushed, you could easily explain why they aren’t things you use, but what might have caused you to buy them in the first place?

The fact of the matter is that your unconscious mind is often driving your behaviour as a consumer:

under the influence of basic evolutionary drives and the tactics of retailers, it’s easy to feel compelled to buy something that later doesn’t find a place in your life…More at

Impulse buying: Do you shop on impulse? Six psychological reasons why you do it

It’s called impulse shopping – and it happens to the best of us (even those who write about this stuff for a living).

Whether it’s grabbing that bag of jelly beans on the way out of the grocery store, or buying a dress (but it’s on sale!) on a whim, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap, especially in our consumer driven society…More at

What are the causes and effects of impulse buying? – Quora

In the contemporary economy dominated by consumerism, impulse buying is a prevalent practice. In the United States, 40 percent of the customers make purchase decisions at the point of sale.

By definition, impulse buying is an unplanned purchase that is the result of an exposure to a stimulus, usually made on the spot where the goods are sold.

Even though the behavior is detrimental to the financial stability of the individual consumer…More at

Reasons of impulse buying

You might have observed women went for grocery shopping along with pre-planned items list to be purchased but they came back with a nice colorful pair of shoes also that was not included in their shopping list.

My area of thesis is to identify those factors that compel consumers, for such un-planned buying that is known as impulse buying.

Today we are living in rapidly changing era and due to fast dynamic environment, the marketing efforts have to be revitalize periodically…More at