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Live on LESS Than Your Income

Here’s What Living on Half Your Income Really Looks Like – The Simple Dollar

If you ask anyone who plans to retire early what their secret is, they’ll all say the same thing — it’s a high savings rate.

To grow their nest eggs quickly enough — and big enough — to say goodbye to the working years ahead of schedule, they have to save as much as they can while they can.

For many would-be early retirees, the plan to get there involves saving 30%, 40%, or even 50% of their pretax income and living on the rest…More at

3 Ways To Start Living On Half Your Income

Living on half your income. Impossible? No. Daunting? Yes. How do we accomplish this? With willpower made of steely determination and making major sacrifices.

Add to that a dash of honesty, and you’re on your way. Easy, right?…More at

Here’s How Anyone Can Live On Half Of Their Income Or Less

Living on less than your income may seem like a very difficult task to complete.

We thought the same thing until we realized that we have been living on less than half of our income this past year.

While the concept of living on half of your income or less is a simple exercise on paper, it is much more difficult when you introduce the human element into the equation…More at

How we live on 15% of our income – 99to1percent

Today we are going to show you how we live on 15% of our income in spite of living in HCOL (High Cost of Living) city.

Hopefully, you can implement some of the steps below, and try at least live on less than 50% of your income.

Doing this, will help you achieve financial independence even faster. If you don’t spend less than 50% of your income, we recommend you work towards finding ways to increase your income…More at

How Much of Your Income Should Go Toward Living Expenses? — The Motley Fool

No matter your age, it’s important to start saving money for things like retirement, emergencies, and major life goals such as buying a home.

Creating a budget can help you manage and keep track of your living expenses so there’s money left over to help you…More at

Changing The Math On Living On Half Your Income

Yes, living on half your income will let you keep more money in the bank – since you’re saving half your income (and that’s a good thing). But…

Let’s look at these questions and how you can change the math so that it’s easier to live on half your income, in a way that you can THRIVE, and not just survive.

First off – yes, it’s totally possible. There are countless stories about people all over the US that have lived off half their income…More at

Understand taxes and keep more of your income. |

Because deductions reduce your taxable income, make sure you know the ones you’re eligible for.

Common deductions include giving, healthcare expenses and the interest you pay on your mortgage. Download our Tax Preparation Checklist to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Tax credits are a big deal because they reduce your tax bill dollar for dollar, rather than just reducing your taxable income..More at