Here’s How To Stop Using Credit Cards Forever And Get Your Life Back

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10 Tips To Stop Using Credit Cards

1. Freeze the limit on all your cards today unless you can do tip No.2

2. Pay off your credit cards and cancel them If you can.

3. For credit card that you can’t pay off and close, try and get a consolation loan.

4. Open a line of credit for emergencies and close your cards.

5. Eliminate the points and cash back mentality UNLESS you have the discipline to pay off your credit card in full each much.

6. Understand using a credit to buy everything is a habit that you’re strengthening by purchasing things you don’t have the money for.

7. Create a budget to better understand what you can spend.

8. Create a cash reserve fund so you don’t have to keep credit cards around for an emergency.

9. Figure out how much interest it cost you MONTHLY to use ALL your credit card – The amount will be an eye-opener, you may find a large portion of your income is going towards interest payments.

10. Figure out how many years it will take to pay off your credit if keep making minimum payments – It will surprise you.

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