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Running a business takes a lot out of you, but it doesn’t have to. Give it your all but do so smartly and efficiently to grow it confidently into what you dreamed it would be when you started!

A Touch of Business shows you how. Everything you need to know about running a successful business, you’ll find right here, in this space dedicated to prospective and existing business owners like you.

As an organization that is committed to helping all types of businesses, whether they are big or small, fledgling or established, A Touch of Business elaborates on all the micro and macro aspects of how to run a successful business. How to run a business from home? How to start a business? Or what are the most lucrative types of businesses today? We answer these and a ton of other questions to guide driven entrepreneurs like you.

Right from the essential skills needed to start a business and getting a business loan to processing the payroll and the mistakes to avoid, we offer the low-down on all the diverse aspects of running a business.

Get Valuable Advice for a Wide Range of Businesses

No matter what type of business you want to launch, we’ve got you covered!

Do you want to start an HVAC business? Or perhaps you want to opt for a franchise? Or how about a dumpster rental business? Or probably you want to launch a storage firm? Or car wash, leadership training, interior design, or pet sitting?

Don’t know what business to start yet? No worries. Choose from over 101 business ideas!

But knowing what type of operation to launch is only just the beginning. Running a business and a successful one at that involves multiple aspects.

Don’t Miss the Big Picture

Contrary to popular perception, a business is not just limited to its core activities – acquiring clients and generating more business. For instance, even if you’re running an interior design enterprise, designing may not be the only skill you’d have to rely on. From networking and sourcing the most cost-effective and high-quality raw materials to hiring the best contractors, you’re essentially a one-person wonder who has to do it all!

Any business is a full-fledged operation whose success is dependent on a wide range of skills, whether it is strategy, business communication, accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, or sales … and in this day and age, of course, digital marketing too.

Browse Our Database of Resources

Even when running a business from home, no matter how small or big, a business owner must wear many hats, especially if they’re starting solo. A Touch of Business helps you do all that with expertise. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you can expand and hire a team of professionals to do it all for you if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Our small business articles focus on the varied functions a business owner needs to get in order to improve the bottom line, whether it is keeping energy costs low, advertising on social media, increasing team productivity, or setting up the office with the least possible resources. Startups particularly are on a tight budget initially and have to make the most of everything, be it capital, workforce, or even space. Want to know how?

Start browsing our articles below and expand your business know-how and acumen, steadily and confidently, whether you’re a startup or an experienced business owner. All our articles have been thoughtfully prepared, with valuable tips and guidance on everything you need to know for running a small business – or a large-scale one – profitably.

We know you have the initiative and courage to run a business … everything else you’ll find right here!

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