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How to Start a Beauty Supply Business

Image of makeup
How to Start a Beauty Supply Business Overview: Some of the oldest products made and sold all over the world revolve around beauty.Beauty supplies and products are as old as Cleopatra and the return to natural products continues to increase for many reasons: allergies and opposition to animal testing being two.While highly competitive, the beauty industry continues to flourish in various sectors...

How to Start a Bar

Image of Liquor in a Bar
Information on starting a bar, including estimated startup cost, equipment needed, types of employees you'll need, and more.

How to Start A Fudge Making Business

Image of Fudge Treats
Thinking of a business to make fudge? Don’t start unless you have a look at this page containing valuable resources you will use

Starting A Candy Making Business

Image of a dish of candy
Have a look at this page with handpicked resources. You'll have a good idea of what's needed to start a candy making business

How To Start A Bakery

Image of someone mixing
A resource-rich page about the baking industry. Whether your starting or already running a bakery you'll like this page

How to Start a Diaper Cake Business

Image of a Diaper Cake
What to expect from starting a diaper cake business, including a valuable collection of handpicked resources.

How to Start a Cookie Business

Image of a cookies
Have a look at this page loaded with an abundance of handpicked resources to guide you when it comes to starting a cookie business

How To Start A Cake Decorating Business

Image of A strawberry cake
Have a look at this page with a variety of hand-picked of resources that you'll use over and over again when you're starting or running a cake decoration business. 

How to Start an Antiques Business

Image of an Antiques Store
Articles, Books, Forums, Associations, and More To Inform You about Starting Your Own Antique Business.

How To Start An Answering Service

Image of a woman wearing a headset
Starting an Answering Service, What You Need to Know Before Starting Answering Service Business Overview:This type of business involves answering calls for businesses and professionals. You may need to take messages and even require taking orders, troubleshooting, answering pre-sales questions and more.Keep in mind this type of business is diminishing, because of technology. Everyone can have their own answering service,...