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Where To Get Business Plan Templates in Various Formats

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Have a look at our list of sites that offer business plan templates, in word, excel, PDF's, and other formats. for you to use as needed.

How To Change A Location of A Business on Google Maps

Image of a smart phone in front of a map
Here's' a reference page to help you find information for editing your business location on Google Maps. Plus other tips for your local listing.

Here’s a List of Sites To Help You Create A Catchy Business Name

Image of brand vintage signs
Our resource page contains references to some of the top sites online to help you find a catchy business name. Have a look and see for yourself.

How To Get Real Likes From People On Your Facebook Page

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Looking for ways to get real like on your Facebook page? Have a look at our reference page that offers tips and techniques to get legitimate likes.

Here’s Where You can Find A Good Business Name Generator

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Have a look at our resource page that list some of the top sites online to help you create a business name that works best for you.

Here’s Where To Find Attractive PSD Templates For Business Cards

Image of a woman handing out a blank business card
Have a look at our reference page for finding a Photoshop business card template that you can edit and create a Business card that works for your business.

Business Letter Templates, Here’s Where You can Find A Good One

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This page provides a list of sites that offer business letter templates. Plus you'll find tips for writing a business letter that gets attention.

Switch to https Without Downtime, Lost Links, Rankings, or Headaches

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Take precautions when switching to HTTPs. Errors can cause downtime, lost links, and lost rankings. Check out this page for references to do it right.

HTTP vs. HTTPS – Here’s The Differences You Need To Know About

Image of a web browser
Find out the difference between http and https, and how it may affect your website's performance, as well as and how visitors may perceive your site.

Get An Accurate Page Speed Test & See What’s Slowing Things Down

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Here are some top sites that offer page speed tests. Plus you'll get tips to reduce your sites loading time and improve visitor experience.