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How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page That Get’s People Interested

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Have a look at our reference page to help you find the right resources for creating a Facebook page that works well and gets people attention. You'll also find Business Facebook Page FAQs; Facebook Business Page Tips; The Most Popular Facebook Pages And More

Looking For Attractive Eye Catching, Copyright Free Images? Look Here

Image a computer displaying a site offering royalty free images
Worried about legalities? Have a look at our reference page which includes, understanding what you can and can't do & a list of sites offering images.

Need To Protect Your Graphics? Here’s How To Copyright An Image

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Need to make that special image your own? Have a look at our reference page to help you find the top resources to copyright your image.

How To Change Font Color In WordPress Plus Other Font Tips

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If you're looking to change font colors OR your cascading style sheet (CSS), have a look at this resource page to help you find the Answers you need.

How To Make WordPress Private and Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

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Need to keep your content private? Have a look at our reference page with resourcesto help you find the best solution to making your WordPress site private.

How To Change An Author In WordPress Without Making Mistakes

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You don’t want to lose any connection between your post and the correct author. Changing one post is easy, eliminating an author takes a few more steps.

How To Add A Business Location To Google Maps – It’s Easy

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Once you have a local listing for your business you can easily add your business location to Google maps. Have a look at our reference page.

Where To Get Business Plan Templates in Various Formats

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Have a look at our list of sites that offer business plan templates, in word, excel, PDF's, and other formats. for you to use as needed.

How To Change A Location of A Business on Google Maps

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Here's' a reference page to help you find information for editing your business location on Google Maps. Plus other tips for your local listing.

Here’s a List of Sites To Help You Create A Catchy Business Name

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Our resource page contains references to some of the top sites online to help you find a catchy business name. Have a look and see for yourself.