What Is a 1099 Employee? Here Are the Answers

January 28, 2018 490 views

A Collection of Articles About 1099 Employees

Going through this post, you can expect a collection of web pages I have selected related to 1099 Employees. Before getting to the resources, here are a few brief points I’d like to mention.


You can think of a 1099 employee as someone that works for you but as a sub-contractor. You are not liable for their taxes and benefits; you are paying them a set rate, and they file their own taxes.

You may use a 1099 employee for a one time project, and it’s done, which is a benefit over hiring an employee for a project.


What you need to keep in mind is that even though you hire a sub-contractor, you can still be liable if they are hurt on the job.

Employment Laws:

Each country, state, or province has different laws, and before you hire a sub-contractor, you want to make sure you have an understanding of the laws.


You’ll find a selection of hand-picked, articles, and resource pages provided by a variety of authors I wanted to include in this post that will give you a solid foundation regarding 1099 employees.

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