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Important Business Insurance Resources

What You Need to Know Before Buying Business Insurance |

Don’t be like the gym owner who didn’t insure his exercise equipment before a thief stole it all.

I love meeting entrepreneurs at various networking events around Silicon Valley because inevitably you run into some folks who obviously have a certain fire in their soul. You talk to them and they are visibly excited about their idea…More at

What You Need to Know About Business Insurance Requirements

Whether you’re just starting out or reevaluating your policy, understanding business insurance requirements help you obtain the best policy for your needs…More at

The Basics of Business Insurance for Startups

Business insurance exists to protect your investment in your business, along with those of your investors and co-owners. It also can help you provide financial compensation to the people who work for you, should accidents occur.

Most commercial insurance coverages are optional; some, like workers compensation, are mandatory in most states. Your state government determines which are required….More at

Tips to Choose Coverage When Shopping for Commercial Insurance

When it comes to choosing the right policies for your needs, it’s important that you assess and evaluate your risk…More at