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The Commercial Lease: What You Should Know |

Know what you’re getting yourself into when you rent space for your business.

Renting commercial space is a big responsibility — the success or failure of your business may ride on certain terms of the lease.

Before you approach a landlord, you should understand how commercial leases differ from the more common residential variety, and before you sign anything, make sure you understand and agree with the basic terms of the lease…More at

Before Signing a Commercial Real Estate Lease

Protect your rights by understanding 10 factors you need to consider before you sign a commercial real estate lease, including CAM and assignment.

Ready to sign a commercial real estate lease for an office building, retail space, or other business use? Take a few minutes first and read through this list. After the ink is dry on the lease, it’s too late to make changes.

Yes, you do need to read it. I know, it’s a very long (and face it, not very interesting) document, but you do need to know what it is in it..More at

Commercial Lease Agreement Overview – FindLaw

A commercial lease is a contract between a landlord and a business for the rental of property. Most businesses will choose to rent property instead of buying it because it requires less capital. Commercial lease agreements are more complicated than residential leases because the terms are negotiable and vary greatly from lease to lease.

Before signing a commercial lease, it is important to understand the lease terms that define the rights and responsibilities of each party…More at

Commercial Lease: Everything You Need to Know

A commercial lease defines as a contract created for renting business property from an individual or another business.

A commercial lease defines as a contract created for renting business property from an individual or another business. 8 min read

A commercial lease is defined as a contract created for renting business property from an individual or another business. The commercial lease contract has other names such as business lease, commercial property lease, commercial real estate lease, industrial lease, or office space lease. No matter which name the contract goes by, it functions the same…More at

What You Need to Know About Commercial Lease Agreements: Part IV – Lexology

This blog post is part IV in a series of posts providing an overview of important considerations for commercial lease agreements. Regardless of whether a landlord or tenant, there are numerous issues that all parties should consider prior to entering into a commercial lease agreement.

Part I addressed mandatory and suggested commercial lease agreement terms and the legal duties and obligations of the parties involved.

Part II discussed the enforceability of certain lease agreements, tort liability for both landlords and tenants, and the use of personal guarantees…More at

Everything You Need to Know about Commercial Lease Amendments

If you have entered into a lease agreement for commercial retail, warehouse, office space, or any other building or facility used for business purposes, you may find yourself in a situation where changed circumstances make one or more provisions of the original lease unworkable or undesirable.

When both parties to a commercial lease (the landlord and the tenant) agree to make changes, those changes can be accomplished through a document called a commercial lease amendment…More at