How to Create Meetings That are Interesting and Empowering

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How to Run an Effective Meeting – Business Guides – The New York Times

There is a better way. Over the course of speaking to more than 500 chief executives for my weekly Corner Office column, I have learned the rules to running an effective meeting. These tips and strategies can work for anyone, regardless of title.

“Give me an agenda or else I’m not going to sit there, because if I don’t know why we’re in the meeting, then there’s no reason for a meeting.” – Annette Catino, chief executive of the QualCare Alliance Network…More at

12 Proven Tips for Effective Meeting Management | Scoro

In the spirit of efficiency, saved time and money – here are 12 proven meeting management tips for higher productivity!

Meetings, in essence, are meant to boost productivity and efficiency. When everyone is on the same page and aware of what should be done, even the most challenging tasks can be completed…More at

7 Ingredients for Effective Team Meetings, Distilled from Years of Torture

From having meetings with my previous manager, I experienced torture. From my current manager, I learned how effective team meetings operate.

There are a few reasons teams meet. The first one is out of habit. We put together a schedule for meeting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. And we meet even when there’s nothing to really meet about…More at

How to Design an Agenda for an Effective Meeting

A tool to waste less of your time.

To prevent holding a meeting in which participants are unprepared, veer off-track, or waste the team’s time, you should create an effective meeting agenda that sets clear expectations for what needs to occur before and during the meeting.

Seek input from your team members to ensure the agenda reflects their needs and keeps them engaged…More at

7 Habits of Highly Effective Meetings | Project Management Hacks

Meetings are a powerful tool that are widely misunderstood. Like many professionals, I have read and enjoyed many Dilbert comics that point out the pain and frustration of poorly run meetings. In fact, I’ve been in my share of disappointment meetings.

I’ll share a short example with you and data showing that just how widespread bad meetings have become…More at

How to Run Effective Meetings That Produce Results

People spend so much time in meetings that turning meetings into results is a priority. Here are tips for managing successful meetings to get results.

People spend so much time in meetings that turning meeting time into sustainable results is a priority for successful organizations.

Actions that make meetings successful require management by the meeting leader before, during, and after the meeting…More at