Customer Service Mistakes You can Learn From and Avoid

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Worst Customer Service Mistakes & What They Cost Your Business, Part 2 | BizMetrics Inc.

We’ve covered a number of reasons in this series why customer service is an important way to differentiate in today’s competitive marketplace.

Having satisfied customers makes for a strong business foundation, helping boost profits and growth in your business.

Find out how we can help develop an effective CRM strategy for your business…More at

Top 10 Customer Service Mistakes | Slideshow |

Unfortunately, far too many business owners make the same customer service mistakes over and over again, sending their customers into the arms of their competitors.

Here are 10 simple but effective ways for small business owners to turn angry, frustrated, or dissatisfied customers into happy customers — who come back for more…More at

The 5 Worst Customer Service Mistakes | OPEN Forum

There’s an art to keeping customers happy. Rely too much on the science and your profits will suffer.

More than any other department in a business, customer service is subject to a slew of competing priorities and pressures.

Control costs and making customers happy. Uphold policy while being a customer advocate…More at

The 7 worst customer service mistakes ever | Customer Experience Insight

You’d think the fear of negative YouTube exposure would scare most organizations into giving better service. Not so much.

Of course, not every organization can be at the top of the customer experience pyramid – such as Ritz-Carlton, where they are “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” — or the bottom — such as Comcast, which has been caught on camera and exposed on YouTube more than once….More at

25 Worst Customer Service Mistakes and What They Cost You!

What makes a support experience bad? Simply put, it’s when things start to get difficult for the customer. It’s difficulty of reaching a support agent, limiting support options or making customers wait too long for an answer.

It could also mean not solving the customer’s problem at all.

Here are 25 customer service beliefs, habits and traditions that wreak havoc on your business…More at

Five of the worst customer service mistakes you can make – SmartCompany

Tailoring a customer’s experience is important. So here are the five worst mistakes made in the context of customer service.

The notion of a customer dates back centuries. The origin of the expression is ‘habitual practice’, and in The Middle Ages it meant a person or business with whom one has regular dealings. By 1830, it signified ‘made to order’ (hence the notion of ‘customise’).

Tailoring a customer’s experience both during and after a transaction is important, as there is so much competition (and this is only increasing)…More at

3 Major Customer Service Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We all commit customer service mistakes. The important thing is to notice them, and take steps to rectify them. Here are three missteps to watch out for.

We all make customer service mistakes.

Errors are an expected part of every endeavor. However, remaining blind to the faults of your customer service strategy can mean a real hit for customer satisfaction, customer retention, and thereby for your business’ success.

This article will look at three major customer service mistakes common to many businesses, and explain how to avoid them…More at

5 Key Customer Service Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Good customer service is critical to the success of any business. Learn five common mistakes that many brands make and how to avoid them.

Customer service is the backbone of a successful business.

It could be the difference between good reviews and repeat customers, and word getting around about negative customer experiences and people avoiding your business altogether…More at

7 Customer Service Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) – Salesforce Blog

Smart companies understand the importance of customer service.

They know that great customer service is a key driver of customer retention and loyalty, which results in greater profitability.

Smart companies take customer service seriously…More at

15 Customer Service Tips to Never Forget

The best customer service tips can only come from world-class teams. Here are 15 tips for delighting your customers.

Kind words are worth much and cost little. This creates opportunity: when you can’t out-spend the competition, the solution is to out-support them.

When customer service is given the credence it deserves, only then do companies get to see what “word of mouth” is all about…More at