How to Deal With Difficult Employees – Solutions You’ll Use

March 3, 2018 1068 views

A Collection of Articles Related to Dealing With Difficult Employees

This post contains tips and advice related to dealing with difficult employees from a variety of authors, each providing their own insights, but first, a few brief points to consider.

Difficult employees are challenging to deal with. They take a lot of your time and energy. They wear you down and eventually, you may give up.

There is one advantage of dealing with a difficult employee and that is it builds your management skills. Imagine dealing with a difficult employee after another. Soon you are skilled in dealing with these issues.

One key I found is you need to understand the issue. Why is the person being difficult? Is there a family problem, are they stressed, are they in the wrong position?

I had one employee that was always making mistakes, was always stressed, and performing poorly. Every time I brought up an issue it was a struggle. I finally sat him down and asked what’s wrong. I found out his mother had cancer, and he was having a hard time dealing with it. Who knew? I told him to take some time off and spend time with his mother. He did and when he returned; he was a different person at work.

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