What Is Employee Engagement & How To Use It

January 28, 2018 488 views

A Collection of Articles About Employee Engagement

This page contains a collection of articles by various authors to give you an overall understanding of employee engagement. Here are a few points before you get to the articles.

Employee engagement has to do with how dedicated and involved your employees are with their job duties and involvement with the company.

Are your employees involved or checked out?

I read a study where employee engagement is at 13%. That being the case, that is horrible.

Imagine the difference in productivity if your employees were 40 – 80 percent engaged, you would have better performance, better customer service, a better company, and improved profits.

If your employees are 13% engaged, you have a real opportunity for improvement that will give you an advantage in your industry.

Take some time to go over the resources I have included in the post to boost employee engagement that will improve the well being of your business.


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