How to Fire an Employee – It’s Not Easy but This Will Help

January 28, 2018 704 views

A Collection of Articles About Firing an Employee

This post offers a large selection of hand-picked resources from a variety of authors about firing an employee. Before looking through the resources, I’ll go through a few points you’ll want to consider.

In my opinion, firing an employee is never an easy task. You feel bad for the employee, they may have a family, they have financial obligations, they must find a new job, and you may worry about the emotional effect on them because of getting fired.

On the other hand, you have to look out for the well-being of the company. Your employee may have acted in violation of your policies. Your employee may not be a good match for the job, or you gave your employee many chances to improve but is no longer performing.

Never Say, Sorry

One thing I’ve learned when you are terminating your employee, never say sorry. When you say, you’re sorry in a way you’re admitting guilt, that it’s your fault. Even if you say sorry for the circumstance.

Therefore I never say I’m sorry, instead say things like because of the situation, because of the company policy, because of job reductions. Etc. This way, the termination is because of a valid reason not because of something you did wrong. What you should mention are the precise circumstances that lead to the termination.

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