How To Budget Your Money to Keep More of What You Make

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Keeping More of The Money You Earn

This post contains tips and advice related to keeping more of the money you make. The tips come from a variety of authors, each providing their insights, but first…

It’s not how much money you make; it’s how much money you have leftover.

Have you heard the story of the guy that made $17,000 per month and went bankrupt? How can that happen, you may ask? It’s easy; he spends $20,000 per month.

No matter how much money you bring in, you need to control your spending. To manage your spending, you need to create a budget that works for you.

Below Are A Few Simple Tips About Budgets

Are Budgets Scary?

If you think a budget is a complicated document, it’s not, at least personal budgets. Thinking of corporate or government budgets can be overwhelming, but for your budget, it can be as simple as creating a list of expenses on a napkin, yes it can be that simple.

A budget is simply an outline of how much money you can spend every week/month for certain products and services.

Are Budgets Difficult?

Budgets can be complicated or, as mentioned above, a simple as a handwritten list on a napkin. You can create one using a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets or Numbers from apple.

Or you can download a template. It doesn’t matter what you use as long it’s something that works for you.

Update Your Budget Until It Works

When you start your budget, keep in mind, your budget is not set in stone. You can keep adjusting it until it’s just the way you want it and works well for you.

Once you have used it for a while, you can still tweak it until it’s something that keeps you on track with your finances.

Get Feedback

When creating a budget, it’s a good idea to get feedback from those involved. For example, If I am making a budget, I’m going to include my wife so I can get her input, and she can help identify issues that need adjusting, or I may have missed.

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