How To Close A Business – Don’t Miss Any of These Important Points

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6 Signs It’s Time to Close Your Business

Knowing when to call it quits will likely save you further heartbreak — and lots of money.

Starting a business is tough. But, as some owners have experienced, closing up shop can be even tougher. While you may hate to admit it — I know I did — it’s emotional.

Cody McLain, the founder of SupportNinja and digital creative agency WireFuse, describes the moment of letting go beautifully: “Building something from scratch just for it to end up like a sandcastle at the shore waiting for the tide to take it away…More at

3 Signs It’s Time to Close Your Business and Start Something New |

Sometimes, cutting your losses and moving on is your fastest path to success.

One of the most agonizing choices an entrepreneur inevitably faces is whether or not to close their business. But rather than make this choice on their terms, most business owners wait until liquidity issues doom their enterprise–they wait far too long to see the writing on the wall, and simply run out of the cash needed to continue the fight.

Shutting down my first startup was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Had I not walked away, I would still be beating my head against a wall with a business that would never, ever get me to the outcomes I was seeking…More at

9 Warning Signs It’s Time to Close Your Business and Move on – WiseStep

Have you ever been terrified of closing your business? Here we present the top most warning signs that gesture you to close your business immediately.

Before closing a business, there are certain factors that the entrepreneur should look up to. Lack of money and growth are the two main reasons that contribute to this factors.

Not getting the expected results is also an indicator that the business is not doing well and it is time to wrap up the business…More at

3 Signs That You Should Shut Down Your Business

It’s not an easy decision, but sometimes circumstances dictate it’s the right thing to do.

I haven’t spoken to an entrepreneur yet who has not thought about walking away from a business at one time or another, especially if the business is only a few years old.

The grind, lack of money and pure fatigue are usually the top reasons why business owners are ready to throw in the towel.

Rene Syler, CEO and founder of lifestyle brand Good Enough Mother, discussed in a recent blog post that she is still surprised when people complain about how much work is needed to build a brand…More at

16 Signs It’s Time to Close a Business – Unboxed

Think you might need to close a business? See if these signs ring true.

The decision to close a business can be a hard one to make, even when your day-to-day work is nothing like what you imagined it would be, and your original goals are beginning to seem increasingly distant.

Many business owners hold on for too long, simply because they don’t want to close their doors and officially admit defeat…More at