How To Review A Resume Before You Hire

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What to Look for When Reviewing Resumes | Robert Half

f you are a hiring manager, do you know how to go about reviewing resumes? While it may sound simple, you should know what to look for in a resume.

It’s important to know where to start, what to avoid and how to evaluate each resume fairly so you can compare candidates objectively…More at

The Best Way to Review a Resume

The work of resume review starts well before the applicant resumes fill your inbox. Reviewing a resume starts with a job description or role profile so that you know broadly what the job entails.

Part of the job description, in an effective job description, details the qualifications and experience of the candidate you seek to fill the job…More at

10 Crucial Things to Look for in a Resume

When you post a job, you’re probably inundated with stacks of resumes. What are the things to look for in a resume to help you decide who to hire?

As founder and owner of East Side Staffing, a New York City, New York-based boutique recruitment firm focused on the permanent placement of Human Resources professionals…More at

9 Quick & Easy Tips For Reviewing Resumes |

Reviewing resumes is an essential part of the hiring process. Take the necessary time to give every resume a chance. It can change the way you hire.

A few years ago, conducted a study to find out how long hiring managers spent reviewing resumes. What they discovered was eye-opening…More at