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A Brief (Non-Boring) History of Workers’ Compensation

Learn about the compelling history of Workers’ Comp and how it developed into a standard business staple in the U.S.

Ever wonder how Workers’ Compensation Insurance came to be? Let’s take a brief tour through the coverage’s history and discover why it’s a necessary mainstay in American workplaces…More at

How Does Workers Compensation

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work? –

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance program that insures employees for illnesses and injuries that arise out of the job.

The program is mandated by the state, and each state establishes different rules for when an employer must acquire such insurance.

Employees benefit from the program by receiving medical care after sustaining an injury or illness that is work-related…More at

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work? | Insureon

Workers’ Compensation works by paying workers who are hurt on the job so they can recover without having to sue their employer.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides compensation for an employee’s medical bills, lost wages, or rehabilitation, if they are injured on the job.

Some policies also provide death benefits if an employee is killed while performing a job-related duty…More at