4 Minutes to Feeling Better About Your Life!

June 10, 2018 187 views

Image of a smiling women A simple exercise to help you feel better about your life, just the way it is!

A Hidden Power within You

Are you feeling down about your life? Do you find yourself depressed with nothing to look forward to or that you simply don’t like the direction your life is headed?

Many people experience the same feelings every day. This article introduces a simple 4-minute way to help you feel better and to change your attitude.

Gratitude gives a burst of energy that we rarely experience. This article can help you experience the immediate power of feeling gratitude and help you better your life.

You can do this exercise anytime you are feeling down; a time when you may not feel like doing anything.  However, this may be the time this exercise is needed the most.

Gratitude is something you can practice at any time.

The exercise is simple and easy. It consists of simple thinking and writing that can be done almost anywhere.

4 Minutes of Gratitude – A Simple Exercise!

An open mind and positive attitude are crucial for this exercise as well as an uninterrupted four minutes.

Begin by creating a list of things in your life for which you are grateful. Though there may be only a few things at the beginning of the exercise, it may help you identify things in your life that you may be taking for granted.

These examples may be helpful to begin your thought process:

  • Fresh air to breathe – Take a deep breath of air! It is clean, fresh and abundant. As long as there is breath, there is hope!
  • Electricity around the clock – Light, heat, air conditioning, television, and internet; all at our fingertips!
  • Clean water for daily use – Have you noticed you have clean water for laundry, showing, cleaning and more?
  • Emergency services – Fire, police and medical help is usually only a phone call away.
  • Freedom –  Having the freedom to choose or not to choose
  • You are alive! – You have choices to live as you desire!
  • Family and friends – Those who surround our lives with love and faith.

As you take four complete minutes to write your list focus on your feelings. Pause for a moment to savor the intense gratitude you feel. Do you feel better than you did before you began this exercise?

Feeling Grateful When Tragedy Hits

  • It is difficult to feel gratitude when faced with tragedy. Though you may have to search for it, there is a positive side.
  • Loss of a loved one – Cherish the time you had with that person and the memories left behind.
  • Incarceration of a loved one – Perhaps detention at this point could prevent a situation from escalating and ultimately resulting in far worse circumstances.
  • Financial loss – Losing what you have worked to attain can be devastating. However, physical things can be regained; take comfort in family and friends that you still have close to you.
  • Being grateful though trials and tribulation is difficult at best. However, a poor attitude tends to worsen the situation. Searching for the good in a situation and finding a brighter perspective may not solve the problem, but it will make you feel better; and with a better attitude, solving the problems will be much easier.

Every Ounce of Gratitude Counts:

In such a disposable world, many things are taken for granted. It takes bigger and more important things to feel grateful. By realizing and feeling grateful for the smaller things, no matter how silly it may seem, a habit is formed and you can then appreciate the more important things in life.

Here are some examples of the LITTLE things you can be grateful for.

  • Your pen – It allows you to put your thoughts on paper.
  • A spoon, or fork, dish, and cup. Imagine eating without them.
  • A cooling fan. Imagine working in the heat with no air and no fan.
  • A heater. Ever work in a cold environment without heat?
  • Your chair. imagine working at a desk without a chair
  • Doors- imagine living in your house without them
  • The point is creating a habit of taking the time to notice the small things you can be grateful for. Realizing the importance they play in your life so that you can live a life of gratitude!

Gratitude Days:

During each day, take notice of things you can be grateful for on your way to work; beginning with your means of transportation. Be grateful for the people in your life; friends, colleagues, people you learn from, and people you look up to.

Grateful Writing:

Creating a daily gratitude journal will take you to the next level of living a life of gratitude. This journaling can be done online with blogging or through social media.

The Power of Gratitude:

Living a life with an attitude of gratitude has many benefits. Once you begin practicing, you will start to see a change in your life.

You will feel better about your life and have more energy. You may notice that doors will open up for you because you have changed your negative thinking to positive energy.

That’s the way I see it,
Acey Gaspard
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