Affirmations For Success – Do They Really Work?

March 27, 2020 927 views

Affirmations For Success

Do affirmations work? The short answer is YES and NO. I can share my experience with you. But the main factor to determine if affirmations work remains solely with you.

Does self-talk or what you’re feeling affect your physical experience? Absolutely!

If you want to know what people’s thoughts are focused on all day long, just look at their life. If they are always struggling and seem to have never-ending problems, you will have a good idea of what they are thinking about most of the time. The same applies to successful people—the triumphant people that seem to have their life together—you can bet their thoughts are organized and positive.

Does the Affirmation Make Sense to You?

To me, if an affirmation doesn’t make sense, even if I say it repeatedly, it will be worthless and will, in fact, make things worse. An affirmation must make sense to you, or it’s game over before you start.

Feelings and Affirmations

A key principle for an affirmation to work is attaching emotion to it when repeating the affirmation. If you don’t feel the energy, the effect that the affirmation will have on you is minimal.

Belief and Affirmations

I’ve heard perspectives from both sides around belief and affirmations. One perspective is that you’ll have better luck with affirmations if you believe in the affirmation. The other perspective is that if you keep repeating the affirmation, you’ll start to believe and see results.

For an affirmation to be effective, my perspective is that you need to believe in the affirmation you’re repeatedly saying for it to influence your actions.

Present or Future Tense

Should you say affirmations in the present or future tense? For me, this comes back to your beliefs.

For example, if I’m using an affirmation for prosperity and my current financial situation is trying to put food on the table, with eight past due bills, a mortgage that is behind by three months, and I’m at the point of declaring bankruptcy, the affirmation, “I am prosperous” would make me cringe.

An affirmation like, “My financial situation is temporary, I’ll get through this and move towards prosperity,” would work a lot better for me because it is a possibility and something I can believe in and achieve.

Creating Your Affirmations

There is an abundant amount of affirmations out there. I have included many in this post. Choose the category you’re interested in, for example, affirmations for work, prosperity, positive thinking, etc. and copy and paste them into a document.

Your next step is to modify the list until you have a collection of affirmations you can work with. Next, use and repeat the affirmations for a few days and then make adjustments. Keep repeating this step until you get chills when you repeat your affirmations.

Using Affirmations

When repeating affirmations, I like to take a few seconds to combine them with positive emotions when saying them and then repeating them like a mantra. I need to include that extra boost of energy in the beginning, or the repetition becomes mundane and ineffective.

Another point around affirmations is if you don’t use them, they obviously won’t work. The key is having the right affirmations and using them daily.

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