How to Disagree Politely Using This Unique Collection of Tips

March 26, 2020 624 views


What would the world be like if everyone agreed about everything, all the time? It would certainly be a very scary place.

Imagine a world leader coming up with the idea to end humanity because of all the pain, suffering, and other problems the world is facing. Because there is no such thing as disagreement, there is no one to challenge this idea, and other world leaders agree that the plan should go ahead. Now, that’s a little far-fetched, but the point is, disagreement serves a purpose

Disagreement sparks ideas and allows us to keep things in check while viewing events from a different perspective.

So, disagreements can be a good thing, right? Then why, at times, do they turn into heated arguments?

Becoming Defensive During Disagreements

When people disagree, they are on opposing sides of an issue. Every person has a unique perspective. For whatever reason, every person believes their views are the correct view. It eventually ends up as a match between being right or wrong.

Another strong contributor to heated disagreements is that one person may view the disagreement as a personal attack on them rather than addressing the issue at hand.

Let’s explore if there is a “best” way to disagree with someone.

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