How to Benefit From Expert Advice Without Getting Lost

June 9, 2018 382 views

How To Use Expert Advice Effectively

At times, if you talk to two people about one topic, each will have a different point of view.

Why the conflicting views if it’s the same topic?

Well, because it’s the way we are. We see things differently, and we are unique in our own way.

Let’s say you want to learn how to publish articles online. If you get advice from two experts, you’ll end up with similar recommendations on most issues and different suggestions on other matters.

For example, one expert may suggest submitting your article to every article site, while the other recommends that you submit your article only to the more important websites.

One expert may say to submit an article every day, and the other may advise you to submit an article once a week.

Experts Have Different Points of View

Each expert may have a valid point, and one approach may work better than the other. Let’s say you have 10 experts you’re taking advice from on the same topic.

You may end up with five or more different approaches. It becomes confusing and frustrating, and it can throw you way off track! Who is right, and who is wrong?

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