Should You Use Fear as A Motivator? Find Out More Here

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A Collection of Resources About Using Fear As A Motivator

This post contains a collection of web pages I have selected to give you an overall understanding of using fear as a motivator, but first, a few brief points to consider.

Here’s my point of view for using fear as a motivator. At times you should use fear to motivate because fear moves us away from doing things that can hurt us.

For example, the fear of losing your home. Visualizing your family living on the street may keep you from quitting that job you hate when you don’t have another job lined up.

Another example, you need to improve production. You can use fear as a motivator by letting your team know that if the team keeps underperforming the company will lose money, if the company continues to lose money, there will be job cuts, beginning with those that are underperforming. This example uses fear to motivate in a truthful way.

The above examples are things that can happen. Another way of using fear as a motivator is to use scare tactics where are your employees do what you want because they’re afraid of you.

This can be because you have gained a bad reputation for being mean, scary, and unreasonable.

An example of this is, “Get it done, or your fired, there are hundreds of people that would be grateful to have your job.”

When you manage like the example given above, your employees don’t want to deal with you, and avoid you when they can. I don’t care for this type of scare tactic and don’t think it’s a good way to manage your team.

This post contains an abundance of articles written by experts that will share their viewpoints regarding using fear as a motivator. Have a look at what each offers and come up with your own conclusions.


Using Fear As A Motivator

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