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The Most Powerful Motivator | Psychology Today

I was abruptly awakened and told, “The house is on fire. Go outside! As I ran out of my bedroom and into the hall my socks slipped on the polished oak floor.

A guiding hand helped me keep my footing and a frantic voice urged, “Hurry! Hurry!”…More at

The Paradox of Finding Motivation Through Fear – The New York Times

I was driving with a friend recently and telling him about some projects that really excited me. I mentioned a new book I’m working on, an article I’m writing and this new hobby of adventure motorcycling in the desert.

He interrupted me and said, “How do you stay so motivated and so excited about things?”

It caught me off guard. I hadn’t really considered the “why” behind my list of activities. But as I thought about it, I realized that the one aspect each of these projects had to make me so motivated …More at

Motivation and emotion/Book/2014/Fear as a motivator – Wikiversity

This chapter is set up using questions as headings for each section. The reason for this is so the chapter can be more engaging for the reader, they are questions to keep in mind when reading each section.

By the end of this chapter the reader should understand what fear is, why we feel fear and how it motivates us.

Each question will go through theories and research that relates to it. A question to keep in mind while reading that will be answered at the end is ‘When is fear an acceptable motivator?’ …More at

Motivated by Fear: Exploring How Negative Feedback Influences Performance

A study shows that people with certain personality traits respond to fear with an increased level of performance.

Fear can be a strong motivator. People who are afraid of living in poverty may be motivated to pursue any career option in order to avoid financial destitution.

In a similar way, individuals who are afraid that they may develop specific health-related problems may work tirelessly to maintain optimal physical condition…More at