Important Meeting Coming Up? Here’s How To Give A Good Presentation

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Here’s Our List of Sites To Help You To Give A Good Presentation

Top Tips for Effective Presentations

1. Show your Passion and Connect with your Audience
It’s hard to be relaxed and be yourself when you’re nervous.

But time and again, the great presenters say that the most important thing is to connect with your audience…More at

How to Give a Killer Presentation

Reprint: R1306K For more than 30 years, the TED conference series has presented enlightening talks that people enjoy watching.

In this article, Anderson, TED’s curator, shares five keys to great presentations:

According to Anderson, presentations rise or fall on the quality of the idea, the narrative, and the passion of the speaker…More at

8 Tips on Giving a Presentation Like a Pro

I often see exactly the opposite with others: presentations that are boring, dull and dry and go on way too long,

with the presenter exhibiting terrible speaking skills as well as a plethora of anesthesizing PowerPoint slides…More at

5 Tips for Giving Really Amazing Presentations

Some people live for making presentations; others consider it their worse nightmare. It could be five people in a boardroom or 500 in the audience,

but if you are the presenter the spotlight is on you. You’ll either be the hero or the goat. No need to panic…More at

How To Give a Good Presentation: 3 Powerful Tips

When people seek tips on good presentation skills in Google, they typically type in the following question: How to give a good presentation?

Sorry to tell you but that is the wrong question to ask. The better question is: How to give an effective presentation?…More at

How to Give the Best Presentation You Possibly Can

The speaker fiddles around with the computer and then… their first slide!

Oh, no, bullet points! Text, text and more text follows as the presenter drones on, slowly driving a lethal stake into their lecture, and the audience.

Disappointed and bored to tears, they surreptitiously begin to slide out their phones and log into Facebook. Has this ever happened to you while sitting in an audience?…More at