How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself – 5 Easy Methods

July 24, 2020 1616 views

Tips and Resources To Help You Stop Feeling Sorry For yourself!

One of the first and most important steps to stop feeling sorry for yourself, is realizing that you are feeling sorry for yourself, and the second is doing something about it.

Below you’ll find a few brief tips, followed by a collection of handpicked articles and resources I have selected from some of the top authorities on the topic.

Tip 1: Analysis

Looking at the reasons behind feeling sorry for yourself may uncover some important points that allow you to understand and overcome the feeling and thoughts that lead to self-pity.

For example, if I have a drop in traffic on my website, a trigger goes off, and I start to see my motivation levels drop. Thoughts go through my head like, now what? What did I do wrong?

Instead of accepting the issue and go into self-pity mood, I’ll investigate. In this case I found the drop in traffic is occurring on the weekend. Thinking about this I realize, people aren’t searching for business, careers, or self-development topics as much during the weekend, instead they want to relax.

Once you analyze and discover the reason why something is taking place, you’ll have a better understanding. Once you understand the situation, you’ll reduce those feelings that lead to self-pity.

Tip 2: Fighting The Feelings

If you’re going to fight the feelings you’re having; it becomes more of a struggle. Instead of fighting the feelings, “embrace the feelings” and stop fighting them. The more you resist, the more pain you’ll feel. Once you let go and embrace the feeling, you may sense a bit of relief, and the more relief you feel the more you can let go, it’s a cycle you keep letting go.

Tip 3: Change The Channel

When you’re alone at home in your living room watching TV, while a program is on that you dislike. What do you do? Do you keep watching? No, you wouldn’t, that would not make any sense, you change the channel to a program you like watching, or you turn off the TV.

When you’re in a self-pity mood, you keep repeating thoughts of how awful things are, and those thoughts invoke negative feelings, and those negative feelings bring on more negative thoughts; it’s a continuous cycle. It’s like you’re watching that TV program you dislike. Only when you had the remote in your hand, you changed the channel or turned off the TV. Do the same here.

You may say, but I can’t get my mind off it. Of course, you can’t; It’s like you’re watching the TV Program, you can’t get your mind off the topic because you continue to watch. You must change what you’re doing and thinking.

Tip 4: A Few Good Lists For Reinforcement

After you change the channel as outlined above, you want to move from focusing on feelings of sorrow to feelings of joy and appreciation to get a rush of positive energy. One way I have tried and tested is using three simple lists. These lists consist of; Gratitude, Prized Possessions, and Achievements.

When you create your list, you can make three separate lists, or one feel good list divided into three sections. It’s a matter of preference. These lists are personal, about you and for your eyes only, so feel free to write whatever you want.

For your Gratitude List, write all the things in your life that you are grateful for.

Here are some examples:

  • I’m grateful for my wife, she’s caring, kind and we are compatible
  • I’m grateful for my kids; they are high achievers, stay out of trouble, and doing well!
  • I’m grateful for my steady and secure income
  • I’m grateful I have a boss that’s good to me and one I get along with!

For your Prized Possession List, write all the possessions you own that give you good feelings from just thinking about them.

Here are some examples to get the ideas flowing:

  • My Tool collection
  • My workshop
  • My home office
  • My audiobook collection
  • My Air Pods
  • My iPhone

For your Achievement List, write all the achievements you accomplished in your life. Your list should contain anything that you feel is an achievement, not what others think is an achievement. Remember, these lists are for your eyes only, so list anything you want.

Here are some examples to spark ideas for your achievement list:

  • When I got a promotion at work without asking for it!
  • Helping my friend sell their business when they couldn’t sell it
  • Rebuilding an engine in my garage
  • Coming up with a system that made my department operate more efficiently

Now you have some simple yet powerful lists to help you change the way you feel whenever you want. Anytime you change the channel read your list. Be sure to take a moment to pause for each item to experience the feelings. You’ll also want to update your list to keep them full of issues that invoke good feelings.

Tip 5: Refuse To Feel Sorry For yourself

Have you ever witnessed someone who was hysterical? Usually, someone slaps them hard and tells them to snap out of it! You’ve probably seen it in movies. Well, you can use the same technique.

When you notice you’re about to throw a pity party for yourself, imagine slapping yourself real hard and shouting, “Snap out of it, you’re better than this, no pity allowed today!” You may even get a chuckle out of it!


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