How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself – 5 Easy Methods

July 24, 2020 1208 views

Tips and Resources To Help You Stop Feeling Sorry For yourself!

One of the first and most important steps to stop feeling sorry for yourself, is realizing that you are feeling sorry for yourself, and the second is doing something about it.

Below you’ll find a few brief tips, followed by a collection of handpicked articles and resources I have selected from some of the top authorities on the topic.

Tip 1: Analysis

Looking at the reasons behind feeling sorry for yourself may uncover some important points that allow you to understand and overcome the feeling and thoughts that lead to self-pity.

For example, if I have a drop in traffic on my website, a trigger goes off, and I start to see my motivation levels drop. Thoughts go through my head like, now what? What did I do wrong?

Instead of accepting the issue and go into self-pity mood, I’ll investigate. In this case I found the drop in traffic is occurring on the weekend. Thinking about this I realize, people aren’t searching for business, careers, or self-development topics as much during the weekend, instead they want to relax.

Once you analyze and discover the reason why something is taking place, you’ll have a better understanding. Once you understand the situation, you’ll reduce those feelings that lead to self-pity.

Tip 2: Fighting The Feelings

If you’re going to fight the feelings you’re having; it becomes more of a struggle. Instead of fighting the feelings, “embrace the feelings” and stop fighting them. The more you resist, the more pain you’ll feel. Once you let go and embrace the feeling, you may sense a bit of relief, and the more relief you feel the more you can let go, it’s a cycle you keep letting go.

Tip 3: Change The Channel

When you’re alone at home in your living room watching TV, while a program is on that you dislike. What do you do? Do you keep watching? No, you wouldn’t, that would not make any sense, you change the channel to a program you like watching, or you turn off the TV.

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