Learn To Say No Without Being Offensive

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How to Say “No” Without being Rude. 5 Ways! | myTherapyNYC

Do you feel like a bad person for saying “no” to others? Is your fear of saying “no” causing you to over-commit yourself and increasing your stress?

If this sounds familiar, you need to learn that saying “no” is a healthy option and is an important relationship skill that helps individuals draw clear boundaries in both their personal and professional lives…More at http://mytherapynyc.com

How to Say No Without Being Rude – The Muse

Don’t be a yes man (or woman).

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My peers and I talk a lot about how hard it is to say no in a professional setting. We want to be helpful.

We want to prove to our bosses we can handle tough assignments or new responsibilities. We want to guide the less experienced just as our mentors guided us…More at http://themuse.com

49 Ways To Say No To Anyone (When You Don’t Want To Be A Jerk) | Career FAQs

If you’re not saying no to most things, lemme tell ya: you’re not doing yourself any favours. In a world where everything is finite, you should be prioritising like crazy.

Saying yes to everything is the fastest way to burn out. But I’m not here to tell you why you need to say no (that’s for another article) – I’ll assume you’re here because you want to know how to say it…More at http://careerfaqs.com.au

Your Ultimate Guide To Saying “No” To People You Can’t Say “No” To

Disappointing your coworkers or your boss or turning down social plans can be uncomfortable when we’ve been conditioned to be agreeable.

When was the last time you said “no” to someone you knew?

I bet you really have to think about that. I know I did. In the past week, I’ve said “no” to exactly two people–that’s out of all the requests from my friends, family, business partner, agent, editors, and clients…More at http://fastcompany.com