A Life Worth Living Is a Life Worth Recording

June 10, 2018 130 views

Image of a women writing in a journal How an old journal gave me a life lesson after being hidden for 30 years

An Interesting Discovery

A couple years back I was going through my things and I found a 30-year-old journal. I started reading, and after a while, I realized how good my life is now. I have it good compared to my teen years. I didn’t have a bad teenage life but it was rather plain and boring during the time I was writing in my journal.

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal

This experience allowed me to see all the good things I have in my life now, but the journal itself was boring. I regret not capturing the good things in my life back then. If I had done that then, I could relive all the good things that happened in my life now through my journal.

If I Had to Do It All Again

If I had the chance I would do things differently. Rather than write each day, I would only write about significant issues that took place in my life. I would also write about the lessons I had learned from my life those experiences that taught me what I know today.

Why Write?

Think back to all the good times in your life – the best experiences. You can’t, can you? Sure, you can remember a few, but you have to take time to reflect.

When you have a journal you can capture all those moments. More importantly, you can relive them and get the satisfaction all over again. It’s like when you watch a movie for the second or third time: you already know what’s going to happen and you watch it again to experience that enjoyment again.

What to Capture in Your Journal?

I would want to write about the experience and especially how I felt during the experience. You may remember what happened, but will you remember the emotions if you don’t write them down?

The Benefits of Writing Your Journal
  • Writing a journal can be very beneficial. There is so much you will get out of this practice. Here are just a few benefits:
  • You will remember the life you lived.
  • You can see past successes and experiences and decide on what’s next for you.
  • You can relive the memories.
  • You’ll enjoy experiences more as you’re having them because you will also be writing about them.

That’s the way I see it,
Acey Gaspard
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