8 Simple Tips to Make Better Decisions Starting Now

June 9, 2018 364 views

A Quick Overview on How to Make Better Decisions

“The life you’re living today is because of the decisions you made yesterday!”

The life you’re living today, the level you’re at, and the experiences you are having are because of the decisions you made in the past. It’s the decisions that you make now that will affect how the rest of your life will end.

Spur of The Moment Decision Making

Below is a simple example to help you see my point.

You’re 15 years old. You become a member of an elite group at school. You and your new-found friends go to a shopping mall. Your friends tell you that you have to steal a car stereo as a sort of initiation to be able to hang out with the group, it’s your test: just go into a back aisle, open the box, and put the car stereo in your backpack. You hesitate and tell them, “No, I won’t do that.” They say to do it, or you will no longer be part of the group.

Here Are a Few Scenarios to Look at:

Scenario 1:

You steal the stereo and get away with it. You feel fearless, accepted, and looked up to by your friends!

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