Here’s What You Can Do Every Time You Make a Mistake

February 22, 2020 382 views

A Collection of Resources Related to Making Mistakes

Have you ever had a tight gut because you realized you made a mistake, and you started to go into panic mode? I don’t know anyone that hasn’t made a mistake in their life. It’s part of human nature; that’s a given. But how do you handle your errors? There are those people that own up to their mistakes and those that shift the blame. Which type are you?

Making mistakes isn’t any fun for anyone, and, many times, it’s embarrassing.

What builds character is owning up to it and admitting you made a mistake. By accepting you were wrong, you put the error behind you. In other words, you’re not thinking about excuses or trying to validate why you made a mistake.

Here are some tips for when you make a mistake:

  • Think of the reasons why the incident happened and write them down.
  • When you look over your notes, summarize them into one-line sentences.
  • Now, looking over your summary, what can you do to prevent this from happening again? Write down some ideas.

Now, it’s time to own up to your mistake

For example, you made a mistake at work, and you need to let your boss know. You’re going to take responsibility, explain why the mistake was made, and offer a solution that will prevent it from happening again.

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