How To Be on Time, Always! See This Collection of Tips

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How To Make Sure Your Always on Time

8 Pretty Basic Things I Do To Always Be On Time

Remember: Early is on time, and on time is late.

These rules, along with the others, can be summed as “Always be a mensch.”

A mensch can be a lot of things, but in our family, it boiled down to being decent to people — and being on time is a huge part of that.

Incorporating my parents’ guiding philosophy with the realities and responsibilities of being an adult can be a struggle at times, but by god, I will not be caught dead rolling into a 7 p.m. dinner at 7:10….More at

How to Never Be Late Again | Greatist

The subway doors closed just before I could slip in. A friend called from Sierra Leone and we might not speak again for months. I was hungry.

These are among the excuses I have used over the past year to explain why I am, once again, late.

I’ve barged into the middle of meetings, showed up sopping wet and breathless to coffee dates, and left out-of-town visitors drinking alone at bars…More at

3 Practical Strategies to Always Getting Places on Time – The Muse

My friends often ask me, “How do you do it? How are you always so punctual?”

To which I reply, “Why, thank you for noticing my promptness, please do let me tell you my time management secrets!”

Just kidding. No one’s ever asked me that. But just in case someone ever does, I wanted to have a few practical tips ready…More at

17 Tips To Be On Time | Personal Excellence

Until recently, I used to be late for almost every appointment. The productivity-driven side of me always wanted to finish the things I was working on before heading to my next task.

My belief was trying to do these things in a different time later would be less effective since I would be in a different frame of mind.

As a result, I would keep pressing on until it was obvious I was running way too late. Even during the times when I overslept, the oversleeping was from staying up late the night…More at