How to Deal With Jobs That Are Overwhelming

June 9, 2018 663 views

Overwhelming Jobs Don’t Need to Be Overwhelming Forever

Starting a new job is overwhelming sometimes, especially when you are not familiar with the job or industry. I can tell you about two jobs I had that were absolute nightmares.

I would come home and wonder, “How do people do this every day?” I felt like I was about to have a nervous breakdown. “Time to quit this job and move on to something else,” and, “I can’t handle this,” were the thoughts running through my mind.

My Advice, Keep Doing It and The “Know-How” Will Come

Even though I kept thinking to myself, “Just quit,” I didn’t have that option. So I stuck it out in both situations. It was a living hell for me, but here’s the thing: after a few weeks, it all started to make more sense.

Job Number One

On the first job, after three weeks, I started to catch errors my trainer was making, and in two months, I was good at it, and the job was manageable, even though I still didn’t like the job, the nightmare was over.

Job Number Two

Job two was a lot more complicated than the first job; it took me three months to get the hang of it. The experience was really overwhelming, I wasn’t familiar with the industry, the terminology used, was like learning a new language, and it was fast-paced. Many times I had to deal with two or three people at once.

This was definitely one of those jobs where you want to say, “Thanks for the opportunity, but this job isn’t for me.” But around the three-month mark, I started to really get comfortable with this job. I created a detailed, 10-page report on improvements that could be made. My bosses were really impressed after going over the report. It was like, “Look at what the new guy came up with.”

The Mentality of Your New Job

The next time you start a new job, it may come easily, or it may be a challenge. My advice is that you have to give yourself the time to adapt! If you don’t, you could walk out on a job that may have been a significant opportunity.

Expect a Learning Curve

Set a deadline to adapt. It could be a week or two or a few months, and once you’re there, decide if you are going to stick with the job. Once you are comfortable with the job, you can make an informed decision rather than an emotional one.

Take Notes

One of the best things you can do when starting a new job is to take detailed notes. Don’t expect to try and keep it all in your memory. Keep your notes neat and detailed so that you can understand them later.

Going over your notes before you go to bed will allow your brain to process the information while you sleep.

Suggestions When Starting A New Job

  • Asking questions allows you to get the right information, as well as showing interest in what you’re learning.
  • Take notes and study them when you get home.
  • Remember, you are still learning. Don’t argue and try and do things differently; learn it the way it’s done first. Later on, when you are more experienced, and people are more comfortable around you, then you can make suggestions.
  • Don’t quit when you’re struggling. Get good at what you do, and then if you quit, you did because you chose to, not because you failed.

These were just a few suggestions that will help you take control and make the best of an overwhelming job!

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Acey Gaspard