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How to remember what you hear – A simple, research-based tip

Do you ever get frustrated because you listen to a story, presentation, or lecture, but later – sometimes as little as a few hours later – can recall little to nothing about it?

Call it self awareness – or, perhaps more accurately, call it aging – but for whatever reason I have become increasingly conscious of the fact that I forget a tremendous amount of what I hear, even when I am listening with the intent of learning.

As a result, I’ve been looking for solid, research-based tips on how to remember what you hear…More at

How to retain information that I hear – Quora

The point here is the desire to be able to recall what I heard was intense.

So the first requirement for recalling information is the intense desire to do so.

A lot of memory is about you and your personal interests.

You will see a thing a hundred or a thousand times and not realise that you are mentally filling in a missing gap because you have no interest in the gap and make no mental note of its existence…More at

How do I remember conversations better? – memory recall verbal | Ask MetaFilter

You probably can’t remember what you had for lunch two weeks ago, but you can remember some random event when you were four years old.

That decades-old event is remembered because it was emotionally significant and probably involved pain, joy, sadness, etc.

Focusing on things that are emotionally relevant to you will help you recall conversations…More at

How to train myself to remember what others say – Quora

In active listening you want to listen at many different levels, what is on the surface, the fact and what is under the surface, the emotions and feelings being expressed.

During the conversation is there some subtext, a deeper intention underneath the facts?

By increasing the scope of what a person listens too, you increase the chances of understanding and remembering more of what is being said.

This is what listening to facts, feelings and intentions means…More at

How can I remember people and conversations if I have memory problems? | Memory Loss – Sharecare

Keep a diary so you can recall what you did, who you talked with and so forth.

Log telephone calls, recording the date and time of the call, the person you spoke with and what you discussed.

Not only will this help imprint the information in your memory, but you’ll have a permanent record of the conversation should you need to refer to it later….More at