Making Silly Writing Mistakes? Here’s How To Reduce Them

February 24, 2018 625 views

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A Collection of Articles Related to Writing Mistakes

I have included a collection of web pages I found interesting and useful, related to writing mistakes, but first, a few brief points to go over.

Do you find you make silly mistakes when you write? I know I do. It’s embarrassing when I have sent an email or posted a blog post only to find stupid errors.

Speed is one of the culprits. The classic rushed email! It has to go because people are waiting for it, so send it NOW! Another is being familiar with the content. As I’m reading over the material, I miss the errors because I am so familiar with the topic, I think everyone can understand it.

There Are Ways to Avoid Silly Writing Mistakes:

Read the Document Out Loud

When you read your document out loud, you’ll find sentence and grammar errors because it’s hard to read. Reading out loud allows you to fix those issues that you may have missed by reading silently.

Wait a Few Hours or a Day to Read Over the Document Again

When you have time, leave your work for as long as possible and then read it over again. When I do this, especially if it’s for long periods, I find issues that need correcting, but at the time, they seemed fine.

Have a Colleague, Friend, or Editor Read It Over.

It’s hard to catch your own mistakes. You know what you mean to say, but others may not understand. That is why it’s good to have someone look over any important document you have written before sending it in an email or publishing it.

Writing Aids

Use a tool, such as Grammarly, to catch errors while you’re writing. One issue to keep in mind when using a writing aid is to not depend on it completely; if everything looks good, take a few minutes to go over your writing to make sure it makes sense for your reader.


When you edit a sentence, read the whole sentence and paragraph over again—not just the part you fixed—because the overall meaning may have changed due to the edited part.

Take Your Time

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, rushing through content just to publish it is a mistake. In most cases, it’s better to delay and get it right!

For more tips and insights, take a look at the resource I have included in this post to help you avoid mistakes in your writing. These resources are written by a variety of authors, each proving their perspective and tips that can help you avoid mistakes in your writing.

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