How to Simplify Your Life and Be Happy, Starting Now

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Your Plan for A Simplified Life Using the Following Steps

You can simplify your life and be happy using a few simple steps. One thing you need to keep in mind is simplifying your life is a personalized plan; a plan that works best for you.

I can share my personal ideas with you to obtain a minimalist life, but what good will that do for you? You need something specific to suit you; something that will be easy for you and based on your needs.

I’d like to share a few ideas with you, then further down the page is a collection of articles written by a variety of authors— providing you with their perspectives you can apply to a plan that’s perfect for you!

To start you’re going to need some time to answer a few questions. Taking the time to do so will give you a head start to live the life you want.

It does take a bit of time as you’ll need time to mull over some of the questions and you will have to look deep inside for some of the answers. Once you have answered the questions, you’ll know the areas you can work on.

Copy and paste the following into a document so you can fill it out and have a record of it.

Simplifying My Life

What Would a Simple Life Look Like for You?

What Do You Want From Your Life?

What’s Draining Your Time and Energy?

What’s Important in Your Life?

Where Is There Clutter in Your Life?

Below is a sample of the above issues filled in that can help you fill in your worksheet.

Simplifying My Life

What Would a Simple Life Look Like for You?

Example: I wake up in the morning looking forward to the day, have a cup of coffee, and check out the news before getting ready for work. At work, I love and enjoy my job, contributing to the success of the company, as well as working with my team and co-workers.

After work, I spend time with my family, and if they are not around, I’ll run a few errands, watch some TV, or do whatever I feel like because I have that freedom.

What Do You Want From Your Life?

Examples: I want to be a highly successful manager. I want to be there for my family. I want to participate and enjoy the “here and now” of every day and not count how many days I have until the weekend. I want the freedom to do what I want when I choose to.

What’s Draining Your Time and Energy?


  • My job demands a lot of work, effort, and energy
  • Keeping up with the duties at home, like yard work and maintenance
  • Keeping up with my monthly bills. I barely have enough money left until the next payday
  • My obligations to friends, co-workers, and relatives. I offer help to all of them even though I’m always short of time

What’s Important in Your Life?


  • My family
  • Ethics/Morals
  • My Workshop
  • My Home Office
  • My Computer

Where Is There Clutter in Your Life?


  • My shed is full of stuff
  • My computer desktop is full of documents and folders
  • My basement has a lot of rooms full of items I have stored
  • My email is cluttered with folders and subfolders
  • My Garage has more in it than I need

Now it’s your turn to take the time to answer the same questions. When you finish you’ll have a lot of helpful information you can use towards the creation of a lifestyle that is simple and that works for you.

You know what you want; you know what’s important to you. With that knowledge, you can start to simplify your life by putting more energy into the things you want and removing everything else.

Here’s where you can get creative.

As you’ve noticed in my example, my home wasn’t on the list. So, what if I sold my house and rented an apartment that included utilities in the rent instead of being a homeowner? For obvious reasons, I can’t do this without consulting my wife and kids. But let’s take a look at what it would be like.

If I did sell my house and moved into an apartment, I would benefit from the following areas:

Eliminating monthly and yearly payments for the following:

  • Property Insurance
  • Property Taxes
  • Home Repairs and Maintenance
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Heating Costs
  • Electricity Costs
  • Yard Maintenance

Now that I have eliminated all the above costs and just have to pay the rent, I am left with substantial savings every month. I have more money, and for instance, if I’m struggling with my job, I have the opportunity to find a job that I will enjoy because I don’t need as much money as I do as a homeowner.

Next, because we are moving into an apartment, I won’t have the space for all the stuff in my basement or shed and garage. Now is a good time for donations and a yard sale.

I have decluttered all my possessions and I’m keeping only what I really want. It’s not an easy thing to get rid of your belongings. But what’s more important—having a lot of stuff that you don’t even use or having a simple life?

When I get rid of stuff, I ask questions like, will I ever use this again? And If I do, how often will I need it? Does it have any sentimental value? Can someone else use this? Rarely does anything get left behind, and when all the stuff is gone, it’s a huge relief. Holding on to a lot of stuff you don’t need or want is unhealthy and has no benefit.

Is this a big change? You bet it is! Moving from a house to an apartment is a lifestyle change as well. But looking at the big picture, you’ve simplified a large part of your life and from one change you’ve accomplished a lot. Not only have you decluttered but also transformed your life into a much simpler lifestyle.

You can rinse and repeat this process in many areas of your life until it feels great and you’re living the life you were meant to live.

A Collection of Resources Related to Simplifying Your Life

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