The Benefits of Simply Pausing for a Few Seconds Before You Act

February 27, 2020 404 views

Pause for a Few Seconds Before You Act

Are you the type of person that blurts out an answer as soon as someone asks you a question?

Do you reply to emails like you’re being timed to see how long it takes for you to respond?

A better approach is to slow down, relax, breathe, and give your brain the time to process the answer for you.

The Speed of Thought

Here’s something I found interesting. Your brain works extremely fast. To give you a comparison, thoughts are processed at speeds of 156-270 miles per hour. Imagine driving a car at that speed—any slight movement of the steering wheel can cause you to lose control and crash.

When your thoughts are traveling at high speed, it’s easy to get off-topic.  Your brain isn’t processing one thought at a time. It’s processing multiple thoughts at once. Many ideas are going through your mind at a speed of 156-270 mph; there’s a lot of brainpower taking place that you are probably not aware of.

The Speed of Retrieval

Here’s another interesting point. At times when I ask myself a question, I want the answer instantaneously. I may ask, what was the name of the guy in Tech class that had the 1970 Ford Mustang? Expecting an instant answer. Well, for me, that happened over 40 years ago, so my brain must sort through years of data to give me the answer.

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